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 Launch Center:DSI

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PostSubject: Launch Center:DSI   Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:35 pm

hello guys, agravain3 here for another thread. hopfuly this one will be a sucsess. well i figure until the DSI comes out we prolly wont have a DSI forum. so until then ill post here in the DS section. now i know there are some threads for this already however none like this. this thread is dedicated to discusing the DS-I and a news regaurding it. i will try to update this thread as news comes in. heres the info i gathred thus far. i will also be posting links and articles of news regaurding it. so sit back and enjoy as i bring you all the news hott an fresh

the realease date:Japan has been anounced for November/1st/2008 and america has been told TBA 2009

Games: so far no games have been confirmed however it will be Ds compatabile, and it will have games you can download onto a SD card. so far theres rumors of a guitar hero, so ive heard on you-tube. and in the trailer theres a clip of a kirby game

softaware:thus far we know it will have a SD card for memory. the DSI games will not store info on the cartridge. umlike that of the ds games. it will have a DS shop chanell. much like wiishop, however wii point cards will not be compatabile with ds shop, infact the ds will get its own cards. you will eb able to listen to music on your ds via ACC formating. and we get a internet chanell. i almost forgot there is 2 camera on it too. wich can be saved on an Sd card and put on ure wii or pc

the con's: it will not be compatabile with GBA games.

the screen is 16% bigger and the overall game is slimer due to the removal of the GBA cartridge.
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Launch Center:DSI
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